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Corporate Development
| 28.07.14 |

Staatliche Fördermittel für Beratungsleistungen in Ihrem Unternehmen

Die VeMEMaS GmbH verlängert ihre Zulassung für staatliche Beratungsförderprodukte und ist in der KfW-Beraterbörse als Beratungsunternehmen gelistet.[more]

| 24.07.14 |

Epsilon GmbH unter neuer Leitung

Vertrauen überzeugt: VeMEMaS GmbH unterstützt Embedded-Entwicklungshaus bei der Unternehmensnachfolge[more]

| 01.04.14 |

Stoneridge erwirbt Fahrtenschreiber-Business von MotoMeter

Stoneridge Electronics Ltd. erwirbt das Handelsgeschäft für Fahrtschreiber und Flottenmanagement der MOTOMETER GmbH[more]

Corporate Development
| 04.11.13 |

Time-to-market as a competitive advantage

Time-to-market can be described best as lead time or time needed for product launch. This means the - shortest possible - period of time a product needs from the first idea until introduction on the market.[more]

Corporate Development
| 02.10.13 |

Did you already have a creative frenzy today?

Dedicated, motivated and concentrated employees - that's what every company hopes for. But also the employees dream of a workplace where their personal mode of happiness is activated daily anew.[more]

| 29.07.13 |

Liquidity as a core aspect of corporate management

Entrepreneurs must always have their eye on the liquidity control of their company in order to remain in the market in the long run. This will turn out well right from the very start with the appropriate structures and with an objective view.[more]

| 26.06.13 |

The due diligence process shows what makes a company tick

This analysis procedure which was actually conceived for risk assessment will help you to take a look behind the scenes as well. Consequently, it is easier for you to predict the priorities for later integration beforehand.[more]