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Corporate Development
| 11.06.13 |

A vision as the basis for success

A mission statement is just as much a matter of good form in German companies as for example certification according to DIN ISO 9001. The applied variant of this vision is a lot more, however, than just a figurehead for potential customers.[more]

Corporate Development
| 14.05.13 |

Innovative strength by means of identification

“61 percent of the German employees work to the rule, and even 24 percent of those employed in Germany have inwardly already given notice“ - these figures presented in the current Gallup study are quite daunting. [more]

| 26.03.13 |

Successful transaction regarding Pro-Dentalmanufaktur in Freiburg

With the takeover of the Pro-Dentalmanufaktur in Freiburg with effect from 1 March 2013, the company is now even better positioned for the competition. [more]

Corporate Development
| 26.03.13 |

VeMEMaS offers support for using the Digital Factory

Internal processes can be optimally analyzed and improved with the help of carefully selected simulation tools of the Digital Factory. This also works cost-efficiently for small and medium-sized companies.[more]

| 15.03.13 |

Insolvent or capable of surviving? (Kopie 1)

Since the beginning of the financial crisis, many companies are relying on the principle of "mild over-indebtedness". This model introduced at that time is offering advantages but also disadvantages to companies.[more]

| 01.03.13 |

Company pensions complicate the sale of companies

Would you invest in a company knowing beforehand that a relatively high amount X has to be paid without any benefits for the company arising out of this payment?[more]

| 11.02.13 |

Planned purchase of small dental laboratories in the Rhine/Ruhr area

On behalf of one of our clients, the employees of the VeMEMas GmbH looked for small dental laboratories in the regions of Düsseldorf, Bochum, Bonn and Osnabrück. [more]