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Corporate Development
| 04.11.13 |

Time-to-market as a competitive advantage

During this time, the company incurs very high costs. The product, however, does not yet generate any turnover so that this “time-to-market“ should be as short as possible. In addition to this, the following is true: the longer the lead time, the greater the risk that the competition will take the lead.

“Time-to-market begins not only in the development department but far earlier“, knows VeMEMaS founder Martin Borsik. “It is important that the company shapes the market and not the other way around.“

An objective outside view may prove valuable in this instance. The VeMEMaS experts know what they are doing. They contribute market expertise, objectively watch the company and question issues such as process sequences and development approaches critically. Thus they can support companies meaningfully in optimizing their time-to-market.

The advantages for the market forerunner of an innovative product are quite obvious: He can achieve higher selling prices and secure the loyalty of tech-savvy customers. Those placing their products, however, rather late on the market, are achieving bad prices, at best, and, at worst, the product is already obsolete when reaching its market maturity.

The aim of a future-oriented modern company is thus to keep the time-to-market as short as possible to be able to take the pole position over its competitors.

VeMEMaS partner Jens Schlüter warns, however: “An innovative product rapidly positioned on the market will only achieve permanent sales revenues if the overall concept is right. If the system is merely targeted towards one customer or if the maintenance costs are too high during product manufacture, sales revenues will surely rise in the short term, cannot be maintained, however: Accordingly, development costs are in the long term not positively related to the profits achieved.“

In order to find the right balance, VeMEMaS backs various improvement tools such as a development project manager in the simultaneous engineering process, a detailed marketing plan interlinking market and development, and a product road map for uniting technological and product development. In addition to permanent product development, the focus is at the same time on systematic development and applications engineering regarding new technologies and innovative materials in parallel to product development.

The regulating screws within a company to be tightened accordingly to optimize time-to-market and achieve positive results as quickly as possible are thus to be determined individually for each company.

Reduction of complexity, integrating suppliers as development partners, introduction of an efficient process house and expert competence development in terms of breadth and depth has proven its worth as a sound basis already in the past.




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