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Corporate Development
| 17.12.12 |

What does the boom in Asia mean for German entrepreneurs?

The economy in Asia is buzzing, industry branches of all kinds are prospering - people are earning more, the local purchasing power is increasing. The German imports to China alone increased in 2011 by more than 25 percent to over 31 billion Euros. And the economy in India and Malaysia is also growing steadily. German companies can benefit in various ways from this positive trend. For some companies it might make sense to establish a local branch or to enter into joint ventures abroad. And a network is the best way to achieve this. It is important to have connections to companies already doing business locally in Asia, on the one hand, and it is also helpful to be in contact with companies in Germany thinking about expanding into Asia, on the other hand.

For Asian companies, in turn, the very same applies - because this variant will also occur more often in future. For those thinking about investments in Germany, good contacts with the already existing economy in the home country and also in the target market is of utmost importance.

"Networking" is the catchword for the future. Such contact networks are indispensable in order to get the economic cooperation moving. Who is working where? On which project? Are there any points of contact? What could positively complement the portfolio? If the existing networks are structured and used in the right way, they are invaluable and have nothing whatsoever to do with nepotism - but only if these networks or relations are looked after properly!

Over the years, the VeMEMaS GmbH has not only established good connections in Germany, Austria and Switzerland but also in Asia and the English-speaking world.

Naturally, you can profit from our network which has grown over the years and which includes management positions as well as consulting co-operations.

Irrespective of whether you represent an individual company, an investor or an association with other companies - together and without any strings attached, we can discuss your concerns.



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